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Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Rel 15.5

  • Код курса: SEIM_15.5
  • Длительность: 2 д.
  • Цена: 75 000 Р


Students get hands-on practice: mapping external data to Siebel tables and columns; using EIM table reports to determine how to populate EIM tables and columns to load base tables; running EIM import, export, and delete jobs; and dealing with party data, user keys, primaries, and extensions. It is appropriate for Siebel 15.x and 8.x customers. Practices are performed using Open UI.

Learn To:

  • Import legacy data into the Siebel database
  • Export Siebel data to an external system
  • Mass delete Siebel data

Цели курса:

  • Import data
  • Export data
  • Delete data


  • Configuration Implementer
  • Implementation Consultant
  • System Administrator
  • System Integrator

Программа курса:
Siebel table relationships and referential integrity

  • User, primary, and foreign keys
  • Party and denormalized data
  • ROW_IDs
  • Temporary, required, and extension columns

EIM Architecture

  • EIM (interface) tables
  • Base, target, or destination tables
  • EIM to base table mappings
  • EIM jobs
  • Configuration (.ifb) files
  • Parameters

EIM imports and updates

  • Processing steps
  • .IFB options
  • Resolution of foreign keys and list of values
  • ROW_ID values
  • Primaries
  • Populating the EIM table

Data mappings

  • Source to base
  • Determining the interface table
  • Determining required columns and values

Controlling processing and logging

  • Only base tables/columns
  • Insert rows/update rows
  • Net change
  • Session SQL
  • Default/fixed columns
  • Filter Query
  • Skip BU_ID
  • Tracing

Updating User Keys


Setting Primaries

  • Explicit
  • Implicit

Populating Extension Columns

  • EIM/Interface Table Mapping Wizard
  • Apply, Activate, and Validate

Exporting Data

  • Clear Interface Table
  • Export Matches
  • Export All Rows
  • Populating BU columns

Deleting Data

  • Cascade deletes
  • Delete Exact
  • Delete Matches
  • Delete All Rows
  • Commit Options
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