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Siebel Installation and System Administration Rel 15.5

  • Код курса: SISA_15.5
  • Длительность: 5 д.
  • Цена: 187 500 Р


This Siebel Installation and System Administration courses teaches you how to install, configure, and deploy a Siebel CRM installation. Topics include adding servers and languages and unattended installations. You will also dive into administration topics such as the mechanisms for logging, performance monitoring, and migration. It is appropriate for Siebel 15.x and 8.x customers. Practices are performed using Open UI.

Слушатели изучат:

  • Install and configure a Siebel Enterprise, Siebel Gateway Name Server, Siebel Server, Siebel Web Server Extension, Siebel Clients, and Siebel Tools.
  • Monitor and manage components and parameters.
  • Use the command-line Server Manager interface.

Программа курса:

  • Installing a Siebel Enterprise and Clients
  • Additional Installation Topics
  • Architecture and Configuration
  • System Monitoring
  • Migration
  • Performance Considerations
Записаться на курс: Siebel Installation and System Administration Rel 15.5

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