Oracle Database 19c: Monitoring and Maintaining a Secure Environment

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  • Длительность: 1 д.
  • Цена: 30 000 Р
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Welcome to Oracle Database Security Guide. This guide describes how you can configure security for Oracle Database by using the default database features.

Oracle Database Security Guide is intended for database administrators (DBAs), security administrators, application developers, and others tasked with performing the following operations securely and efficiently.

It covers these areas:
•    Designing and implementing security policies to protect the data of an organization, users, and applications from accidental, inappropriate, or unauthorized actions
•    Creating and enforcing policies and practices of auditing and accountability for inappropriate or unauthorized actions
•    Creating, maintaining, and terminating user accounts, passwords, roles, and privileges
•    Developing applications that provide desired services securely in a variety of computational models, leveraging database and directory services to maximize both efficiency and ease of use you need a basic understanding of how and why a database is used, and basic familiarity with SQL.

•  Learn about Oracle's Products: Database
•  Solutions: Security
•  Version: 19c
•  Language: English

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