Разработка веб приложений с использованием MongoDB и NODE

  • Код курса: FM.4.0.DEV
  • Длительность: 5 д.
  • Цена: 60 000 Р
  • Часы в неделю: 40 ак. часов.
The course is designed for JavaScript developers with the following criteria:
  • Those who wants to learn JavaScript at backend
  • Those who knows es5 and want to start with the new ECMAscript
  • Those who has an intermediate knowledge of JavaScript and wants to explore new frameworks, such as Angular 2, hapi, and Express
  • Lastly, it is designed for any cross-platform developer who are keen to learn JavaScript and wanted to build interactive web applications in Node.js and MongoDB.
Необходимая предварительная подготовка:
A basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML is the only requirement for this book. However, the design of this book also helps a beginner with a basic programming knowledge and cross-platform developer to learn JavaScript and its frameworks.
Программа курса:
  1. Welcome to JavaScript in the Full Stack
  2. Getting Up and Running
  3. Node and MongoDB Basics
  4. Introducing Express
  5. Templating with Handlebars
  6. Controllers and View Models
  7. Persisting Data with MongoDB
  8. Creating a RESTful API
  9. Testing Your Code
  10. Deploying with Cloud-Based Services
  11. Popular Node.js Web Frameworks
  12. Single Page Applications with Popular Frontend Frameworks
Записаться на курс: Разработка веб приложений с использованием MongoDB и NODE

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