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Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.x: Middleware Deployment

  • Код курса: ExMD
  • Длительность: 1 д.
  • Цена: 88 000 Р


The Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.x: Middleware Deployment training utilizes a typical middleware application deployment and helps you takes advantage of the unique storage, network, and cloud characteristics of Exalogic. This workshop teaches you the necessary skills and best practices to effectively implement an Oracle Fusion Middleware application, on the Oracle Exalogic platform.

Слушатели изучат:

  • Plan, implement and tune the Fusion Middleware on a Virtual Data Center.
  • Configure shared storage and hosts to support Oracle middleware.
  • Identify the Middleware Cloud Assets to support the deployment.
  • Create Accounts, Virtual Networks, Virtual Servers and Distribution Groups.
  • Work with SDP, RDMA, and IMB to optimize the performance and sclability of WebLogic Server, Coherence and Tuxedo.
  • Install and Configure Oracle Traffic Director to intelligently load balance traffic to a middleware cluster.



  • Application Server Administrators
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud User

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Цели курса:

  • Configure shared storage and hosts to support Oracle middleware
  • Install and configure a middleware domain on Exalogic
  • Optimize WebLogic, Coherence, and Tuxedo configurations for Exalogic
  • Use Traffic Director to proxy requests to a middleware cluster
  • Design accounts, vNets, and vServers to support a middleware deployment

Программа курса:

Cloud Infrastructure for Middleware

  • Why Host Fusion Middleware on Exalogic?
  • Sizing and Capacity Planning
  • How Many Instances to Run on a vServer?
  • vServer Type Best Practices
  • Recommended Network Topology
  • Allocating IP Addresses
  • Distribution Group Best Practices

Storage and Installation

  • General Storage Recommendations
  • Recommended NFS Architecture
  • Storage Recommendations for FMW
  • FMW Storage Examples
  • How Many FMW Installations?
  • Redundant Installations and Rolling Upgrades
  • Configuring a Linux NIS Server
  • Configuring a Linux NIS Client

Domain Configuration

  • Migrating Existing Domains to Exalogic
  • Shared or Separate Domain Folders?
  • Listen Address Recommendations
  • Adding Virtual IP Addresses to a vServer
  • Dynamic Cluster Recommendations
  • Configuring a JMS Store Location
  • Node Manager Recommendations
  • Scaling Up a Cluster on Exalogic

Performance Optimization

  • Exabus
  • RDMA
  • SDP
  • Cooperative Memory Management
  • Using Multiple Channels for Replication
  • Using SDP for JDBC
  • Replicated Store

Traffic Director

  • Deployment Topologies
  • Administration Architecture
  • HA Architecture
  • Configuration Architecture
  • Creating and Starting Admin Nodes
  • Configuring Virtual Server Routes
  • Configuring Server Pools
  • Creating a Failover Group
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