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Oracle Exadata Database Machine: One-Day Overview

  • Код курса: EDMAOD
  • Длительность: 1 д.
  • Цена: 88 000 Р


In this Seminar students learn about the various Oracle Exadata Database Machine features and configurations, with emphasis on the unique capabilities delivered by Oracle Exadata Storage Server. The installation and initial configuration process is covered so that students are able to make appropriate up-front configuration decisions.
Students are introduced to various options for migrating to Oracle Database Machine as well as learning how to
maintain, monitor, and optimize Oracle Database Machine after initial configuration.
Topics covered include monitoring Oracle Exadata Database Machine, with a focus on best practices for what and how
to monitor. Students also learn about the monitoring infrastructure within Oracle Exadata Database Machine, along with
the monitoring capabilities exposed through Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c.


  • Data Warehouse Administrator
  • Database Administrators
  • Storage Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Technical Administrator

Предварительная подготовка:

Suggested Prerequisites

  • A working knowledge of Unix/Linux along with an understand o
  • Prior knowledge and understanding of Oracle Database 11g Rel

Цели курса:

  • Describe the key capabilities of Exadata Database Machine
  • Identify the benefits of using Exadata Database Machine for different application classes
  • Monitor Exadata Database Machine health and optimize performance
  • Describe various recommended approaches for migrating to Exadata Database Machine

Программа курса:

  • Introduction
  • Exadata Database Machine: Overview
  • Exadata Database Machine Architecture
  • Key Capabilities of Exadata Database Machine
  • Exadata Database Machine Initial Configuration
  • Exadata Storage Server Configuration
  • I/O Resource Management
  • Recommendations for Optimizing Database Performance
  • Using Smart Scan
  • Consolidation Options and Recommendations
  • Migrating Databases to Exadata Database Machine
  • Bulk Data Loading by Using Oracle DBFS
  • Exadata Database Machine Platform Monitoring: Introduction
  • Configuring Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c to Monitor Exadata Database Machine
  • Monitoring Exadata Storage Servers & Exadata Database Machine Database Servers
  • Monitoring the InfiniBand Network
  • Monitoring Other Exadata Database Machine Components
  • Other Useful Monitoring Tools
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Exadata Database Machine Maintenance Tasks
  • Patching Exadata Database Machine
  • Exadata Database Machine Automated Support Ecosystem
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