Oracle SBC Rel.6 Security Configuration

  • Код курса: SBCR6_SC
  • Длительность: 5 д.
  • Цена: 125 000 Р
  • Часы в неделю: 40 ак. часов.


This Oracle SBC Rel 6 Security Configuration training targets those ready to tackle complex, security-oriented configuration requirements, including Denial of Service Prevention and complex access control configurations. Learn how to use Session Border Controllers for service provision as well as for security devices.

Слушатели изучат:

  • Understand the basics of cryptography and securing systems.
  • Configure your SBC to use Transport Layer Security (TLS), certificates and encryption.
  • Configure your SBC to withstand DoS attacks.
  • Configure your SBC to use IPsec and secure RTP (SRTP).

Темы курса:

  • Discuss basic cryptology basic concepts such as encryption, hashing, keying, authentication and more
  • Configure all objects necessary for all IPsec operation modes
Записаться на курс: Oracle SBC Rel.6 Security Configuration

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