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Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.x: Cloud Management

  • Код курса: ExECM
  • Длительность: 2 д.
  • Цена: 116 000 Р


Companies want to realize the benefits of a private cloud but at the same time avoid the risks in building such a complex infrastructure. Exalogic Elastic Cloud: Cloud Management teaches you about a comprehensive virtual data center solution that's also secure and easy to use.

Слушатели изучат:

  • Use Exalogic's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capabilities.
  • Provision and monitor accounts in a virtual data center.
  • Create and use virtual network and storage resources.
  • Create and manage virtual servers.

Преимущества для Вас:

Optimize your virtual data center using best practices for cloud management. Better understand the aspects of Exalogic's virtual networks, storage volumes, virtual servers, and more, so that your organization can reap the benefits of a private cloud, but avoid the risks.

Self-Service IT

This course will teach you how to use the Exalogic Control browser interface to quickly deploy all of your applications on the Exalogic hardware as virtual servers. Develop these new skills through in-class lectures and hands-on exercises.


Enrolling in this course will also allow you to explore the use of cloud accounts to control resource usage. You'll learn to maintain application isolation in your cloud through virtual networks and virtual storage.


Through hands-on exercises led by expert Oracle instructors, find out how to use the Exalogic Control command line interface to script and automate common cloud management tasks. Interact with instructors through open Q & A sessions that allow you to dig deeper into the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

This course is appropriate for X2-2, X3-2, and X4-2 users.

Темы курса:

  • Cloud Concepts
  • The Exalogic Cloud Solution
  • User and Account Management
  • Virtual Network Management
  • Virtual Storage Management
  • Virtual Server Management
  • Virtual Server Templates
  • IaaS Command-Line Interface
  • Advanced Cloud Techniques

Цели курса:

  • Capture storage snapshots
  • Create and manage virtual servers
  • Configure CPU over-subscription
  • Create and use custom vServer templates
  • Automate cloud tasks with command line tools
  • Create and manage storage volumes
  • Describe Exalogic's virtual data center architecture
  • Access and use the Exalogic Control interface
  • Manage and monitor cloud accounts and users
  • Create public and private virtual networks

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