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Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Virtual Assembly Builder

  • Код курса: 11gVAB
  • Длительность: 2 д.
  • Цена: 92 000 Р


Virtualization has become a critical technology in today's data centers, but it can still be challenging to configure and maintain complex, multi-tier applications. How can you efficiently provision separate virtual machines for development, testing, and production, and also ensure consistent configurations.

This course shows you how to address these challenges with Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder (OVAB). You will learn how to capture an existing middleware system as a collection of VM templates and then deploy these assemblies to Oracle VM.

Слушатели изучат:

  • Explain OVM's architecture and capabilities
  • Work with OVAB Studio and OVAB Deployer
  • Quickly capture an existing FMW deployment
  • Configure a FMW assembly for multiple environments
  • Deploy FMW assemblies to Oracle VM


  • System Administrator

Цели курса:

  • Discuss several challenges associated with virtualization
  • Describe the relationship between appliances and assemblies
  • Describe a typical OVAB workflow
  • Explain OVM's architecture and installation process
  • Describe OVM's storage and network capabilities
  • Install OVAB and configure a Deployer server
  • Work with OVAB Studio and the OVAB command line
  • Introspect a FMW installation and capture it as an assembly
  • Override default properties with deployment plans
  • Generate and archive VM templates from an assembly
  • Register and deploy an assembly archive
  • Scale up an assembly to support larger workloads
  • Create custom deployment scripts for an appliance

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Програма курса:

Virtualization Challenges

  • Virtualization Concepts
  • Cloud Concepts
  • VM Provisioning
  • Provisioning Challenges
  • Appliances
  • Assemblies
  • Assembly Metadata
  • Workflow

OVAB Architecture

  • OVAB Studio
  • OVAB Deployer
  • Resource Managers and Pools
  • Exalogic Overview
  • Deployment Plans
  • Introspection and Reconfiguration
  • Supported FMW Appliances
  • Supported DB Appliances

OVM Essentials

  • OVM Architecture
  • VM Server Installation
  • VM Manager Installation
  • Discovering VM Servers
  • Network Configuration
  • Storage Configuration Options
  • Working with Repository Contents
  • Server Pools


  • Installation Prerequisites
  • Base Guest OS Images
  • Graphical Installation
  • Silent Installation
  • Creating a Deployer Domain
  • Deployer Security
  • Studio Overview
  • OVAB Catalog


  • File Sets
  • Virtual Networks (Vnets)
  • Connection Parameters
  • Capturing File Sets
  • FMW Introspection
  • Database Introspection
  • Command Line Introspection
  • Troubleshooting Introspection

Working with Assemblies

  • Assembly Editor
  • Assembly Structure
  • Property Inspector
  • Creating a New Vnet
  • Working with Network Interfaces
  • Configuring External Resources
  • FMW Connections and Properties
  • Database Connections and Properties

Preparing an Assembly for Deployment

  • Template Concepts
  • Preparation Process
  • Customizing File Sets
  • Creating Templates for an Assembly
  • Updating Existing Templates
  • Deleting an Assembly Archive
  • Command Line Template Generation
  • Troubleshooting Template Creation


  • Creating a Deployment Plan
  • Anti-Affinity
  • Adding Targets to the Deployer
  • Uploading an Assembly Archive to the Deployer
  • Registering an Assembly with the Resource Manager
  • Deploying an Assembly
  • Reconfiguration Overview
  • Scaling Deployed Assemblies

Customizing Assembly Creation and Deployment

  • OVAB Extensibility
  • Introspecting a Generic Appliance
  • External VM Templates
  • Custom Deployment Scripts
  • Capturing Scripts During Introspection
  • Custom Appliance Properties
  • Capturing Properties During Introspection
  • Using Properties in Deployment Scripts
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