Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation and Configuration

  • Код курса: VM_IC
  • Длительность: 3 д.
  • Цена: 90 000 Р
  • Часы в неделю: 24 ак. часов.


The Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Installation and Configuration course teaches you to effectively implement the infrastructure for cloud computing using a SPARC-based virtualization strategy. Learn through classroom instruction and hands-on exercises, which reinforce new concepts.

Слушатели изучат:

  • Properly design, install, implement and administer this virtual environment.
  • Create and assign resources to domains where business applications are deployed.
  • Use the migration feature, which increases availability and adds flexibility to the data center virtual environment.

Allocate System Resources

Oracle VM Server for SPARC allows for the allocation of system resources to individual virtual machines, called domains. This creates a completely virtualized environment, which provides greater consolidation and use of resources.

Цели курса:

  • Install the Oracle VM Server for SPARC software
  • Configure the control and service domain
  • Create a guest domain
  • Reconfigure Oracle VM Server for SPARC resources
  • Use virtual disks
  • Use virtual networks
  • Manage Oracle VM Server for SPARC configurations
  • Prepare for and perform migration operations
  • Plan an Oracle VM Server for SPARC installation

Рекомендуемая предварительная подготовка:

  • Oracle VM Administration: Oracle VM Server for x86

Программа курса:

Introduction to Oracle VM Server for SPARC

  • What is Oracle VM Server for SPARC?
  • Oracle's Virtualization Strategy
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC Architecture
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC Benefits

Planning and Installing the Logical Domains Software

  • Planning for Oracle VM Server for SPARC
  • Working with SPARC T-Series Servers
  • CPU and Memory Sizing Guidelines
  • Upgrading System Firmware
  • Upgrading Oracle VM Server for SPARC Software
  • The ldm Command

Configuring the Control and Service Domain

  • Typical Basic Configurations
  • Virtualized Devices and Virtual Services
  • Control Domain Resource Allocation
  • Logical Domains Configurations
  • Creating Guest Domains

Creating a Guest Domain

  • Binding and Starting a Guest Domain
  • Installing Oracle Solaris in a Guest Domain
  • Verifying a Guest Domain Configuration
  • Accessing a Guest Domain's Console

Performing Logical Domains Administration

  • Dynamic Reconfiguration of Logical Domain Resources
  • Core Affinity
  • Virtual Disk Back End Options
  • Provisioning New Domains with ZFS Snapshots and Clones
  • Using Virtual Networks
  • VLAN Support for Virtual Networks
  • Link Aggregation and Jumbo Frames for Virtual Networks

Migrating Logical Domains

  • Migration Requirements and Restrictions
  • Migration Types
  • Migration Phases
  • Migration Dry Run
  • Live Migration
  • Cross-CPU Live Migration
  • Cold Migration
  • Non-Interactive Migration 
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