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Oracle NoSQL Database for Developers

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  • Код курса: NoSQLD
  • Длительность: 2 д.
  • Цена: 44 700 р.

Описание курса


This Oracle NoSQL Database for Developers Ed 1 training will teach you how to use the Oracle NoSQL Database developer APIs for Java. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you discover how to access the KVStore from a Java application to store and manipulate data in a KVStore.

Слушатели изучат:

  • Understand the key concepts of the NoSQL technology and when to use the Oracle NoSQL Database versus an RDBMS.
  • Design the schema for a Java application using a table based approach as well as a key value pair approach.
  • Create the code for storing, manipulating and deleting data stored in a KVStore.
  • Handle exceptions and implement security, consistency, and durability policies for the KVStore and an application.

Преимущества для Вас:

When you're finished with this training, you will be able to identify the features and benefits of the Oracle NoSQL
Database. Gain a deeper understanding of why and how the Oracle NoSQL Database is used to store data - generally
Big Data.


  • Application Developers
  • Developer

Предварительная подготовка:

  • Required Prerequisites
  • Java fundamental programming
  • Java SE7 Fundamentals
  • Suggested Prerequisites
  • Oracle Big Data Essentials
  • Relational Database Concepts
  • Understanding Big Data

Цели курса:

  • Encrypt data and create consistency and durability policies according to application requirements
  • Design a schema for Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Use Oracle NoSQL Database APIs in an application to create, retrieve, and update data in a KVStore

Программа курса:

Course Introduction

  • Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Environment
  • Accessing the Labs Directory
  • Introducing Persona
  • Course Supplement
  • Additional Resources

Big Data and NoSQL Overview

  • Defining Big Data
  • Oracle Big Data Solution
  • What is a NoSQL Database
  • RDBMS Compared to NoSQL
  • HDFS
  • HDFS Compared to NoSQL
  • Consideration Points Before Opting for NoSQL
  • Big Data Examples

Oracle NoSQL Database: Overview

  • Introducing Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Key Features
  • How Does the Oracle NoSQL Database Work?
  • Oracle NoSQL Database Components
  • Partitions and Key Value Pairs
  • Performance and Throughput
  • Security Features: Overview
  • Schema Overview

Schema Design

  • Importance of Schema Design
  • Schema Design Options in ONDB
  • Key-Value Schema Structure
  • Table Field Data Types
  • Keys and Indexes for Table Data Model
  • Defining Child Tables
  • Creating Child Tables Vs Record Fields
  • Schema Design Options in ONDB: Summary

Application Specific Requirements

  • Understanding the Write and Read Process
  • Consistency and Durability: Definition
  • Applying Consistency and Durability
  • Default Consistency and Durability
  • Types of Consistency and Durability Polices
  • Consistency and Durability Policies Summary

Creating Tables

  • Creating Tables: Overview
  • Data Definition Language Commands
  • Using Create Table
  • Using Check Constraint
  • Creating a Table from Java Application
  • Introducing TableAPI
  • Executing a DDL Command (From app)
  • Creating a Table from CLI

Writing Data To Tables

  • Writing Data To Tables
  • TableAPI Methods for Write Operation
  • Writing Rows to Tables: Steps
  • Constructing Handles
  • Creating Row Object, Adding Fields, and Writing Records
  • Write Method Definitions
  • Creating the Row Object
  • Using the Row Object

Retrieving Table Data

  • Retrieving Table Data
  • Retrieving Child Tables
  • Iterating A Table
  • Using MultiRowOptions
  • Specifying Ranges
  • Retrieving Nested Tables
  • Reading Indexes
  • Using Versions

Manipulating Data Stored in Key-Value Model

  • Structure of a Record: Review
  • Creating Key Components
  • Creating a Value
  • Retrieving Records
  • Creating a Key Range and Key Depth
  • Writing Key-Value Pair to KVStore
  • Deleting Records
  • Working with Versions

Configuring Consistency

  • Consistency: Review
  • Viewing the Default Consistency
  • Creating Consistency Policies: Overview
  • Using a Pre-defined Consistency
  • Creating a Time Based Consistency
  • Creating a Version Based Consistency
  • Changing a Default Consistency
  • Summary

Configuring Durability

  • Durability: Review
  • Viewing Default Durability
  • Creating Durability Policies: Overview
  • Setting a Synchronization-based Durability Policy
  • Setting an Acknowledgement-based Durability Policy
  • Creating a New Durability Policy
  • Changing the Default Durability

Creating Transactions

  • What is a Transactional Operation?
  • Points to Remember
  • Process
  • TableOperationFactory: Methods
  • Executing Operation Syntax

Handling Large Objects

  • Introducing Large Objects
  • Oracle NoSQL APIs for Large Objects
  • Large Objects Storage
  • Creating Large Object Keys
  • Creating Key for Table API Users
  • Storing Large Objects: API Overview
  • Retrieve Large Objects: API Overview
  • Deleting Large Objects: API Overview

Accessing a Secure Store

  • Secure KVStore: Overview
  • Security Features
  • Obtaining a Handle to Secure Store
  • Security Parameters
  • Specifying Security Properties
  • Security Constants

Handling Exceptions

  • Understanding Exceptions
  • Oracle NoSQL Database Exceptions
  • Handling RequestTimeoutException
  • Methods that Throw RequestTimeoutException
  • RequestLimitException
  • RequestLimitConfig
  • FaultException
  • ContingencyException
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Начало курса: 03.05.18

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