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Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: Essentials

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  • Код курса: 11gGE
  • Длительность: 5 д.
  • Цена: 132 750 р.

Описание курса


This Oracle Identity Governance 11g: Essentials explores the steps needed to identity management solutions with Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2 PS2 ( Expert Oracle University instructors will help you understand the importance, benefits, values, terminology and functional aspects of identity management and identity governance.


  • Functional Implementer
  • End Users
  • Administrator
  • Sales Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Process Developer
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Administrator

Слушатели научатся:

  • Create, load, and manage organizations, roles and users, including dynamic organizations and parametric roles.
  • Import and use predefined Oracle Identity Manager connectors.
  • Create draft versions of user profiles and requests.
  • Use requests to automate the provisioning of users through request-level and operation-level approval workflows.
  • Provision users with complex entitlements for disconnected resources.
  • Reconcile user data between Oracle Identity Manager, and trusted and non-trusted external resources.
  • Identify access policy harvesting, and discuss the role that access policy harvesting plays in a reconciliation workflow.
  • Access and configure Oracle Identity Manager reports using Oracle BI Publisher.
  • Configure and perform certification activities to review periodically the access granted to users, as part of good Identity Governance practice.
  • Migrate an Oracle Identity Manager configuration and customization from test to production environments.

Предварительная подготовка:

  • A general comprehension of Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database
  • A high-level understanding of SOA, BPEL and JDeveloper
  • A good familiarity with a Linux-based environment
  • A general comprehension of LDAP concepts

Дополнительное рекомендуемое обучение:

  • Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: Develop Identity Provisioning
  • Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: System Administration Workshop

Программа курса:

Understanding Identity Management and Identity Governance

  • Explaining the importance of identity management
  • Discussing identity management benefits, values, terminology, and functional aspects
  • Describing the Identity Governance infrastructure
  • Discussing the suite of Oracle Identity Management products
  • Explaining the relationship that Oracle Identity Manager has with several Oracle Identity Management products
  • Describing the tiers of the Oracle Identity Manager architecture

Launching Oracle Identity Manager

  • Comparing Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Identity Manager Server, and SOA Server
  • Discussing the Oracle Identity Manager interfaces
  • Starting the Oracle Identity Manager Web-based consoles
  • Starting the Design Console
  • Starting the Oracle SOA Web-based consoles
  • Identifying the differences among the consoles available from Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle SOA

Understanding Organizations, Roles, and Users

  • Explaining users, roles, and organizations
  • Comparing organizations and child organizations, and parent roles and child roles
  • Grouping roles into a category
  • Comparing types of Oracle Identity Manager users
  • Discussing Oracle Identity Manager user membership in organizations and roles
  • Discussing dynamic organizations and parametric roles
  • Explaining the Bulk Load Utility and discussing its benefits
  • Discussing customized search results

Installing and Configuring Predefined Connectors

  • Identifying an Oracle Identity Manager connector
  • Listing the connectors in the Oracle Identity Manager Connector Pack
  • Describing the ways to transfer connectors from one environment to another
  • Explaining the advantages of and best practices for transferring connectors
  • Identifying two tools used to import and export connectors: Manage Connector and Deployment Manager
  • Explaining how the Manage Connector tool is used to import connectors for external resources
  • Configuring a connector to make it operable

Understanding Application Instances

  • Identifying an Oracle Identity Manager application instance
  • Describing how application instances relate to connector objects
  • Providing examples of application instances
  • Identifying entitlements for application instances
  • Discussing complex entitlements for application instances
  • Creating and managing sandboxes
  • Describing how to create an application instance
  • Managing entitlements for application instances

Using the Request Access Catalog

  • Identifying the Request Access Catalog
  • Describing the business challenges solved by the Request Access Catalog
  • Understanding the concepts and terminology associated with the Request Access Catalog
  • Describing how to manage the Catalog

Understanding Policy-Based Provisioning

  • Identifying and comparing resources and Oracle Identity Manager connectors
  • Describing how connectors are used to assign resources to users
  • Explaining how assigning resources to users differs from provisioning resources to users
  • Discussing ways to assign and provision a resource to an Oracle Identity Manager user
  • Comparing manual provisioning and autoprovisioning
  • Assigning a resource to an Oracle Identity Manager user through user membership rules and access policies
  • Autoprovisioning the user with this resource (for this lesson, Oracle Unified Directory)

Understanding Advanced Request Functionality

  • Explaining the types of requests you can create and manage
  • Discussing how to create draft versions of requests
  • Describing the two types of approval workflows associated with requests: request-level and operational-level approval workflows
  • Explaining the stages of a request throughout a request's lifecycle
  • Discussing the role that users, entities, approval policies, email notifications, and SOA composites play in requests
  • Deploying SOA composites
  • Associating approval policies with request-level and operational-level approval workflows
  • Completing request-level and operational-level approval workflows

Understanding Application Instances for Disconnected Resources

  • Identifying application instances
  • Describing disconnected resources
  • Creating and managing application instances for disconnected resources

Understanding Reconciliation

  • Defining reconciliation
  • Identifying and comparing two types of reconciliation associated with Oracle Identity Manager: authoritative and account reconciliation
  • Discussing reconciliation events that Oracle Identity Manager can perform with a resource
  • Discussing the role that reconciliation plays in designating user accounts as primary accounts
  • Explaining authoritative reconciliation and account reconciliation conceptually
  • Identifying scheduled tasks, including the role that scheduled tasks have with authoritative reconciliation and account reconciliation
  • Explaining how to implement authoritative reconciliation and account reconciliation workflows
  • Identifying access policy harvesting, and discussing the role that access policy harvesting plays in a reconciliation workflow

Understanding Oracle Identity Manager Security

  • Comparing authorization and authentication
  • Identifying authorization policies and administrative roles
  • Explaining how to define authorization policies that control access rights that users have in Oracle Identity Manager
  • Discussing how to use authorization policies to determine whether a user can perform a specific action in Oracle Identity Manager
  • Describing the relationship between authorization policies and administrative roles in Oracle Identity Manager
  • Examining types of administrative roles available in Oracle Identity Manager
  • Discussing administrative roles in Oracle Identity Manager and the authorization policies associated with the roles
  • Managing administrative roles

Managing Reports

  • Identifying and comparing types of reports that an administrator can create for Oracle Identity Manager organizations, roles, and users
  • Listing different reports available with Oracle Identity Manager
  • Identifying Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher, the reporting tool for Oracle Identity Manager

Understanding Identity Auditor

  • Describing identity certification and attestation
  • Identifying the business drivers for certification
  • Configuring certification in Oracle Identity Manager
  • Creating and managing certification definitions
  • Explaining how risk summaries are calculated
  • Describing closed-loop remediation and remediation tracking
  • Describing event listeners
  • Describing and configuring multi-phased reviews for user certifications

Transferring Oracle Identity Manager Configurations

  • Identifying the Deployment Manager and the sandbox
  • Listing the objects that you can import or export by using the Deployment Manager
  • Discussing the advantages and best practices of using the Deployment Manager
  • Listing other operations you can perform with sandboxes

Integrating the Oracle Identity Governance Suite

  • Discussing the three Oracle Identity Management products that comprise the Oracle Identity Governance Suite: Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Identity

Analytics, and Oracle Privileged Account Manager

  • Describing the features of the Oracle Identity Governance Suite
  • Explaining how Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Identity Analytics, and Oracle Privileged Account Manager work together as part of an integrated solution


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Начало курса: 21.05.18

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