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Primavera P6 Visualizer Rel 15

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  • Код курса: PV
  • Длительность: 1 д.
  • Цена: 22 350 р.
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Описание курса


This Primavera P6 Visualizer Rel 15 Ed 1 training teaches you how to build time scaled logic diagrams. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to customize diagrams and Gantt charts with color coding, labels, relationships, grouping and sorting and more.

Слушатели изучат:

  • Create a timescaled logic diagram.
  • Create a Gantt chart.
  • Add labels to a chart.
  • Configure grid settings.

Преимущества для Вас:

The unique organization of this course presents common project management scenarios and then teaches you how to build a chart in Visualizer to meet the scenario's objectives. This course also contains two case studies that allow you to work independently with the new skills you acquired. By learning how to build diagrams, you will be able to view multiple activities on a singe line, providing an enhanced view of the project schedule.

Цели курса:

  • Learn to create a timescaled logic diagram
  • Create a Gantt chart
  • Add labels to a chart
  • Configure grid settings

Программа курса:

  • Creating a Chart to View Activities
  • Creating a Chart to Measure Activity Progress
  • Creating a Timescaled Logic Diagram to Track Progress by Department
  • Building a Diagram to Filter Activities by Statusing Period
  • Case Study: Viewing Remaining Work
  • Case Study: Displaying Responsibility by Statusing Period
Записаться на курс: Primavera P6 Visualizer Rel 15

Начало курса: 29.10.2019

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