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Oracle9i Database Administration: Manage Storage Structures

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  • Код курса: 64313
  • Длительность: 8 д.
  • Цена: 4 480 р.
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Описание курса

Course Overview
The Oracle 9i Database Administration: Manage Storage Structures course is the third in a fivepart series covering the database administration strategies and procedures provided in Oracle9i. In this course, participants learn the concepts associated with storage structure components. In addition, this course teaches users the procedures for managing segment free space, undo space, temporary segments, and indexes.

Learn To

  • Identify the types of segments in the storage hierarchy.
  • Identify the benefits, working, and packages of automatic management of segment free space.
  • Identify the ways in which extents are controlled by segments.
  • Identify the block space utilization parameters.
  • Retrieve storage structure information.
  • Identify the purposes and the types of rollback segments.
  • Explain the processes that rollback segments follow for transactions.
  • Plan, create, and acquire rollback segments.
  • Modify and remove rollback segments.
  • Retrieve rollback segment information from the data dictionary.
  • Describe the solutions to rollback segment problems.
  • Explain the concepts of automatic management of undo space.
  • Identify the purpose and the features of the various types of temporary segments.
  • Retrieve temporary segment information from the data dictionary.
  • Maintain indexes.
  • Monitor indexes.


The intended audience for this course include Database administrators, System administrators, Network administrators, and Technical support professionals. Additionally, learners should have taken the first two parts of this series 64311 and 64312. Suggested prerequisites include Oracle SQL: Basic SELECT Statements (61110), Oracle SQL: Data Retrieval Techniques (61111), Oracle SQL: DML and DDL (61112), Oracle PL/SQL: PL/SQL Basics (61113), Oracle PL/SQL: Procedures, Functions, and Packages (61114), Oracle PL/SQL: Database Programming (61115).

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