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Oracle Applications Release 11i: FlexFields

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  • Код курса: 64103
  • Длительность: 8 д.
  • Цена: 4 480 р.
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Описание курса

Course Overview
Key and descriptive flexFields give end users and technical personnel the ability to customize an Oracle Application to meet their business requirements without programming. Key flexFields enable multi-segment, intelligent keys, and allow segment validation and security. Descriptive flexfFields provide users custom expansion space on forms. This course introduces the learner to different types of flexFields and their various uses, components, and benefits. In this course, the learner gains practical experience in defining value sets, key flexFields, and descriptive flexFields. The learner also gains knowledge about the different advanced table validation options. Note: This course does not cover particular flexFields (such as the Accounting FlexField) in depth.

Learn To

  • Identify the uses and components of flexFields.
  • Identify the features of value sets and intelligent keys.
  • Identify the benefits and types of flexFields.
  • Sequence the steps to implement flexFields.
  • Identify the uses and validation types of value sets, hierarchies, qualifiers.
  • Plan, define, and modify value sets.
  • Identify the uses of key flexFields.
  • Plan, define, and save key flexFields, qualifiers, and hierarchies.
  • Match segment default types with the default values.
  • Identify the features and uses of descriptive flexFields.
  • Identify the resources and information required to create descriptive flexFields.
  • Identify the components and layouts of descriptive flexFields.
  • Define descriptive flexFields.
  • Identify the uses, features, and define cross-validation rules.
  • Identify the uses, features, and define shorthand aliases.
  • Identify the features of flexField value security and security rules.
  • Implement security for flexFields.
  • Define table-validated value sets and identify their uses.
  • Identify the features of advanced table validation options.


The target audiences for the course are End Users, Managers, Consultants, Technical Support Professionals, System Analysts, System Administrators, and Implementation Teams. Knowledge equivalent to the Oracle Applications Release 11i: Navigation (course 64101). Principles and customary practices of the business area. A thorough knowledge of the Oracle Applications to be implemented or supported Oracle Applications graphical user interface. Working experience with navigating Oracle Applications forms and windows. Any Oracle Application product course.
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