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Oracle9i Database Administration: Create a Database

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  • Код курса: 64312
  • Длительность: 8 д.
  • Цена: 4 480 р.
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Описание курса

Course Overview
The Oracle9i Database Administration: Create a Database course is the second in a five-part series covering the database administration strategies and procedures provided in Oracle9i. Participants learn about the concepts associated with storage structure components, management of rollback segments, temporary segments, and indexes. In addition, this course discusses how to create and maintain databases. The course also covers the new features of Oracle9i, such as Oracle Managed Files and Undo tablespaces, and the new features of the LogMiner utility.

Learn To

  • Discuss the guidelines for creating an OFA structure and the information in the ORACLE_HOME subdirectories.
  • Identify the requirements and factors considered while creating a database, the guidelines for planning the physical database design, the registry entries that must be specified for proper database functionality, and create a password file.
  • Identify the types of parameter files, create a parameter file by editing settings in the init.ora file, and start an instance in the NOMOUNT mode.
  • Identify the command options of the CREATE DATABASE command, the situations in which it fails, create a database by using the CREATE DATABASE command and identify its content after creation.
  • Identify the benefits of using Oracle-Managed Files and manage data files, control files, and online redo log files using OMF.
  • Describe the data dictionary structure, identify the data dictionary categories, and retrieve data dictionary information.
  • Execute catproc.sql and identify the uses of administrative scripts categories.
  • Identify the properties of stored procedures and packages, the benefits of using stored program units, and the functions of Oracle-supplied packages.
  • Retrieve information about stored objects, identify the common situations when dependent objects may have an INVALID status, and the functions of the control file with the types of information stored.
  • Retrieve control file information, multiplex a control file, and identify the uses of redo log groups, the features of members, and the parameter values of redo log files.
  • Identify the situations in which log switches and checkpoints occur, force log switches and checkpoints, and identify the functions of parameters that control the checkpoints.
  • Identify the features of archive modes and retrieve information about the archive modes and online redo log groups and members.
  • Plan the number and size of online redo log files, maintain redo log members and groups, and troubleshoot LGWR errors.
  • Identify the logical database structure and the types of tablespaces, create, resize, and change the properties of a tablespace by using Oracle Enterprise Manager.
  • Create read-only tablespaces and drop tablespaces, identify the benefits of multiple tablespaces, and specify storage parameters and retrieve data dictionary information.
  • Identify the features of undo tablespaces and manage undo tablespaces.


The intended audience for this course include Database Administrators, System Administrators, Network Administrators, Technical Support Professionals, and Consultants. Additionally, learners should have taken the first part of the series 64311. Suggested prerequisites include Oracle SQL: Basic SELECT Statements (61110), Oracle SQL: Data Retrieval Techniques (61111), Oracle SQL: DML and DDL (61112), Oracle PL/SQL: PL/SQL Basics (61113), Oracle PL/SQL: Procedures, Functions, and Packages (61114), Oracle PL/SQL: Database Programming(61115).

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