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Oracle9i Performance Tuning: Strategies and Techniques

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  • Код курса: 64331
  • Длительность: 8 д.
  • Цена: 4 480 р.
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Описание курса

Course Overview
In this course, you are introduced to the strategies and techniques used for tuning the Oracle9i server.

Learn To

  • Match the tuning goals with the appropriate job role.
  • Identify common tuning problems that directly affect database performance.
  • Identify appropriate tuning goals.
  • Identify key information recorded by the alert log.
  • Identify the parameters that control the location and format of the alert log file.
  • Identify the different methods available for generating user process trace files.
  • Identify the functions of the DBA views used to provide data storage statistics.
  • Match the dynamic performance views with the statistics they provide.
  • Match the V$ views used to collect system-wide statistics with their functions.
  • Identify the factors taken into consideration in selecting the physical structure for data.
  • Match the index types with their benefits.
  • Identify the key usage of index organized tables.
  • Identify the features of the Database Resource Manager.
  • Identify the guidelines used to administer resource consumer groups.
  • Identify the processes implemented by resource plans and resource plan directives.
  • Identify the measures that can be taken to tune memory performance.
  • Identify the I/O tuning areas that can improve overall system performance.
  • Identify the CPU tuning practices that can improve overall system performance.


This intended audience for this course are Database Administrators.

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