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Oracle Applications 11i Procure to Pay: Supplier Management and Payments

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  • Код курса: 64107
  • Длительность: 8 д.
  • Цена: 4 480 р.
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Описание курса

Course Overview
This is the second course in a two-part series. This course provides information on how to use the Oracle Application products that map to the Procurement to Pay process. The Oracle Application products offer learners an intuitive, Internet shopping interface that enable them to independently procure goods or services from both internal and external catalogs. Learners can also manage catalog and supplier information and their accounts by keeping track of payments made for the ordered goods or services. The course also covers sourcing, ordering, and analysis.

Learn To

  • Identify the features of Oracle Applications that are related to the supplier management process.
  • Identify the processes of Oracle Payables and Oracle Purchasing.
  • Identify the features of approved supplier list, sourcing rules, and iSupplier Portal.
  • Identify the types of supplier sites.
  • Define a supplier by using the Suppliers window.
  • Define a supplier site by using the Supplier Sites window.
  • Identify the rules to change supplier information.
  • Sequence the steps to merge suppliers.
  • Identify the invoice types and flow of default values in Oracle Payables.
  • Enter invoice by using the Invoices window.
  • Identify the types of invoice distributions.
  • Identify the features of Invoice Gateway and e-Commerce Gateway.
  • Match invoices by using the Invoices window.
  • Approve invoices by using the Invoices window.
  • Identify the features of holds.
  • Apply and release holds to invoice, supplier, and scheduled payments.
  • Manage invoices.
  • Resolve matching issues.
  • Adjust PO matched invoices.
  • Identify the invoice payment processing features and the match the payment methods with their definitions.
  • Identify the future-dated payment features.
  • Match the uses of Oracle Payables online help access methods.
  • Learn about the Oracle Payables workbenches.
  • Learn the processing steps for payment batches.
  • Find, initiate, copy, review, modify, confirm and cancel a payment batch.
  • Print payment batch sets, a Preliminary Payment Register, and a remittance advice.
  • Find and Submit payment batch sets.
  • Select and view invoices for payments.
  • Identify the payment actions.
  • Learn about manual, quick, e-Commerce Gateway, Zero-Amount, and Pay On Receipt type pf payments.
  • Learn how to review and record refund on payments.
  • Learn about stop on payments, release on stopped payments, and voiding payments.
  • Learn about accounting entries creating and transferring to GL and payment reconciliation.
  • Learn about setting up pay groups, priorities, and payment terms in Oracle Payables.
  • Learn about setting up banks and bank accounts in Oracle Payables.
  • Learn about setting up Payables options and Supplier options in Oracle Payables.


The intended audiences for this course are End Users, Managers, Consultants, Technical Support Professionals, and Implementation Teams. Learners should have knowledge equivalent to Oracle Applications Release 11i: Navigation (course 64101).
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