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Oracle9i New Features: Backup, Recovery, and Peformance Tuning

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  • Код курса: 64302
  • Длительность: 8 д.
  • Цена: 4 480 р.

Описание курса

Course Overview
This course introduces students to high availability and fault recovery, data protection and disaster recovery, LogMiner enhancements, online operations, and Recovery Manager enhancements. Students also learn about schema improvements, system improvements, and scalable session state management.

Learn To

  • Identify the new features designed to reduce unplanned downtime, improve data protection, and
  • provide faster disaster recovery.
  • Use LogMiner enhancements.
  • Describe the new features used in online operations.
  • Identify backup and recovery strategy improvements.
  • Recognize Recovery Manager improvements.
  • Identify schema and system improvements.
  • Describe scalable session state management improvements.


The audience for this course would be Data Administrators. Required Prerequisites include SQL, PL/SQL, DBA I, II.

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