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Oracle Applications Release 11i: Workflow - Part 2

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  • Код курса: 64105
  • Длительность: 8 д.
  • Цена: 4 480 р.
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Описание курса

Course Overview
Oracle Applications Release 11i: Workflow - Part 2 explains the administrative features of Oracle Workflow 2.5. Oracle Workflow 2.5 is a stand-alone, complete management system that supports business process definition and automation. The course explains the directory services in Workflow and the Workflow Engine. In this course, the learner gains practical experience in monitoring a workflow process and also in setting up Oracle Workflow.

Learn To

  • Identify the Directory Service views and their columns, identify the features of local tables and map the Directory Service views to Oracle applications.
  • Set preferences in Global User Preferences and User Preferences Web page and select the features of ad hoc users and roles.
  • Identify the function, activities, and features of the Workflow Engine and identify the steps to initiate a workflow process.
  • Describe the features and functionality of the background Engine.
  • List the features of advanced queue processing and identify the steps involved in Advanced Queue integration.
  • Identify the components of Workflow Monitor.
  • Match the fields of the Definition, Usage, and Status tabs of the detail tab window with the values they contain.
  • Identify the fields of the Notifications tab and the Item tab of the detail tab window.
  • Identify the different types of access to the Workflow Monitor and describe its functions like filtering activities, reviewing notifications and child/parent instances.
  • Sequence the required steps to install Oracle Workflow standalone.
  • List the optional setup steps possible in Oracle Workflow.
  • Set up the access, protection and customization levels for Oracle Workflow.
  • Identify the components of the Workflow server that are automatically set up, such as the demonstration processes, administration scripts and the Workflow tables.


This course targets the following audiences: Application Developers Consultants, Technical Support Professionals, System Analysts, System Administrators and Implementation Team. Required prerequisite knowledge equivalent to Oracle Workflow CBT 1, Knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL, and Working knowledge of SQL*Plus. Working experience with graphical user interfaces, knowledge of Internet browser software, and principles and customary practices of the business area.

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