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Oracle9i Database Administration: Manage an Instance

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  • Код курса: 64311
  • Длительность: 8 д.
  • Цена: 4 480 р.
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Описание курса

Course Overview
The Oracle9i Database Administration: Manage An Instance course is the first in a five-part
series covering the database administration strategies and procedures provided in Oracle9i. This course introduces the participants to the concepts and procedures associated with Oracle architectural components. The participants learn the various tasks of a database administrator that are performed by using OEM and the steps to start and shut down an instance. This course also explains the various dynamic performance views and initialization parameters and the globalization support that is provided.

Learn To

  • Identify the memory structures of the SGA and the information stored in the database and nondatabase files.
  • Identify the connection procedures and the processes generated during database connection.
  • Identify the stages in processing a query and the memory structures used in query processing.
  • Identify the steps of DML processing and the memory structures involved in DML processing.
  • Identify the uses of SCN and the features of a process commit.
  • Identify the tasks of a DBA and the Oracle Enterprise Manager tools used by a DBA.
  • Identify the OEM console components, steps to set up these components, and the functions of the OEM DBA tools.
  • Identify the default DBA user accounts and set up authentication methods to validate users.
  • Identify the parameters stored in the parameter file, their uses, and the rules followed while specifying the parameters.
  • Identify the tasks performed in the stages of instance startup and shutdown.
  • Identify the characteristics and parameters of dynamic performance views and display the current parameter values by using V$PARAMETER.
  • Modify a dynamic initialization parameter by using the Oracle Instance Manager and manage user sessions by using the Oracle Instance Manager.
  • dentify the characteristics of trace and alert files, the parameters controlling the trace files, and the contents of alert files.
  • Identify the character-encoding schemes and the reasons for choosing the national character sets for the database.
  • Identify the database initialization parameters, the derived NLS parameters, and the way to control the sort sequence.
  • Retrieve the data dictionary information about the character sets and the NLS settings.


The intended audience for this course include Database administrators, System administrators, Network administrators, and Technical support professionals. Suggested prerequisites include Oracle SQL: Basic SELECT Statements (61110), Oracle SQL: Data Retrieval Techniques (61111), Oracle SQL: DML and DDL (61112), Oracle PL/SQL: PL/SQL Basics (61113), Oracle PL/SQL: Procedures, Functions, and Packages (61114), Oracle PL/SQL: Database Programming (61115).

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